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Slumdog Millionaire - more of a hype than a phenomenon

I just don't understand what all this hype regarding "Slumdog Millionaire" is all about.

I personallly found it a just-above-average kind of a masala flick which can be watched only once.
"The Dark Knight" to me was the best film of 2008.

As far as A.R.Rahman is concerned, do we really need the Oscars to recognize his talent? Are we blind? Are we deaf? Are we dumb?

He has given at least a hundred much better compositions than "Jai Ho". He deserved at least 100 such Oscars by now.
"Jai Ho" is outstanding but by Rahman's standards it is just mediocre.

I don't understand why we Indians are so crazy about western recognition.

Even Danny Boyle subtly put it in his post-Oscars interview.

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