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Bangalore Traffic Police - The licensed robbers

It is not an unknown fact any more that Bangalore Traffic Police Department actually consists of hundred per cent pure, trained and seasoned robbers who have been given the 'license to rob' (their uniform) common people driving / riding on the roads - no matter whether they have violated any traffic rule or not.

Whenever these uniformed bastards need some extra money they would take off their badges and put them in the pockets so that the 'target' is not able to see their names and lodge a complain later.

In the past 2 years I have been stopped on the road by these bastards for no apparent reason at least 10 times, the most recent instance being that on last sunday at around 12:40 PM on Nandi Durga Road near J.C.Nagar Police Station.
I was coming back home with my wife from Cox Town market (that is the place where you get the best fish and prawns in Bangalore). Just before J.C.Road Police Station and Fun World, a Traffic Police constable (wearing khaki uniform and no badge) and an inspector (wearing white shirt, khaki trousers, riding on a white pulsar and wearing no badge) stopped us for no reason at all. Before stopping the vehicle I had put the ignition off and put the keys in my pockets. They asked for my DL and all the papers including RC Book, pollution certificate, insurance papers etc. Without a word I produced all. Then I took all papers back and politely asked why I was being checked without any reason. The constable said it was a routine random checking and nothing else. I was just about to start when he stretched his hand and signaled me to stop again and just said "300 Rupees". I asked why. Then the inspector intervened and said "pay and go or stay here stranded like this all day with your girlfriend".
I objected "excuse me, Sir, she is my wife and not my girlfriend". He wanted to see our wedding certificate as if we would be carrying it with us even to a fish market. Then he said again "you don't have your marriage certificate with you to prove that you are husband and wife so pay 300 rupees and leave". I simply refused and ignored him and started. For one last time he said "Wokkay Saar, pay 100 rupees at least, Saar". But I kept ignoring him and left the place.

These motherfuckers would first ask you to stop and show all your papers. If everything is in place they would check if you have consumed alcohol. If they don't find anything even then they would ask for money (would start from Rs 300 and eventually would come down to Rs 50). If you start arguing and ask for an explanation, they would suddenly forget Hindi/English and would talk in Kannada only.

To know the tips and tricks of saving yourselves from these results of illegitimate crosses between sluts and stray-dogs , namely Bangalore Traffic Police, please follow the instructions in my earlier blog "A pathetic city : BANGALORE".

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I'm Sorry , darling

''I'm Sorry'' Poem - 1

I’m sorry
I screwed up
Like a scrap of paper
Screwed into a ball
But if you unfolded it
You’d find the words
"I’m sorry"
On every line of it ...

''I'm Sorry'' Poem - 2

Sorry is a funny word
That rarely makes us laugh
It’s there to heal a painful hurt
That aches in someone’s heart
Right now I feel the need to say
I’m sorry I hurt you
If I could somehow heal your pain
That’s all I’d want to do ...
''I'm Sorry'' Poem - 3

How can I say sorry
When each word I say
Makes you angrier
And pushes me away
How can I say sorry
Without being there
Maybe through these lines
You’ll realise I care ...

''I'm Sorry'' Poem - 4

I’m sorry I am such a fool
A clumsy oaf
A stubborn mule
I’m sorry that I didn’t think
About your pain
So near the brink
Of something you could barely stand
Forgive me please
Just take my hand ...

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