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Happy New Year !!!

Ha-Ha-Ha-Happpppppy New Year !!! Hic !!!

Quote of the day

I'm not going to name the person who said this.

"Call me a dog, call me an asshole, call me a bastard, even call me a motherf***er if you want, but please for God's sake don't call me a Pakistani."

** This Indian man having the surname 'Khan', was asked by a Japanese man if he was by any chance from Pakistan.

A downside of orkut

Orkut is great. It's fantastic. But you need to use it intelligently to get maximum benefit out of it and not to get into any trouble at the same time.

When I say 'trouble', I have something very specific in my mind. A one-off incident may be but that doesn't guarantee that there are no other potential troubles associated with the use of orkut.

Here is a simple story of a poor guy who got himself in real mess due to exessive , frequent but a bit unlintelligent use of Orkut.

The guy works as a Software Engineer in one of India's top three IT Consultancy firms. He worked hard for a couple of years and then was sent onsite to work directly at the clients' den. Before leaving he signed an agreement with the company that he won't be back before serving the clients for at least a year. This was okay. He came, he worked for a year and then he was asked to stay back for one more year.
He was in two minds, thinking about his commitments back home like ailing father, long overdue marriage etc. Still, he decided to postpone everything for one more year and stayed back. About ten months later he was desperate to get back to India so he called up his manager in India and said he really wanted to come back this time because there are a lot of things he needs to take care of back home. Returning home at the earliest is a must. His manager asked for a few days' time. He called him again the next week and got the same response. After a few more such calls the manager got irritated and said "See dude, we are trying to find a suitable replacement for you. Till we zero in on someone, you gotta stay there."
Our guy was furious and said "I'm sick and tired of this place and I don't care whether you have found a replacement or not. I'm going back after a month."
There was a silence for about ten seconds and then came the shocker from the manager.
"Well, I don't really believe you are sick and tired with that place. You are enjoying life out there, aren't you? Only yesterday I saw you had updated your album in Orkut by uploading pictures of your last weekend's trekking trip."

That was it.

Moral of the story :Never ever keep people who might put you in trouble (especialy the boss)in your Orkut friends list. In fact just put them in the ignore list. Also, try to make your profile non-searcheable in Orkut so that no unwanted person can view it.

What say, Dear Sirs?

U-Turn :

>"Ganguly is living out a fairytale at the moment, and nothing he achieves will be a surprise anymore. There are many, me included, who believed Ganguly's time as an international cricketer was over. We owe him an apology and a salute." - Sambit Bal, Cricinfo.
For those who don't know, it's the same Sambit Bal who has till a couple of days back, had been one of Ganguly's harshest critics.

There there !!! Yet another tight kick on your faces. One after another, for the past one and a half years.
Do you have anything to say in this regard, Dear Sirs?

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The Nandigram fiasco and Buddhadeb

Never before have I seen a Chief Minister, or any minister for that matter
taking as big a political risk as West Bengal CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee is taking.
In fact, if looked at it more thoughfully, it's not just big, it's a rather immense political risk to be taken.
He has still not given up on his totally anti-Marxist drive for industrialization in WB.
And we have to keep in mind that he has nothing to gain and everything to lose in doing so.
He has since long rightly realized that with the growing population and unemployment, agriculture can not be the only way of generating revenues in the state. Industrialization is a must. One needs to have foresight and enough grey matter in the head to think rationally
and realize this.

The benefit of industrialisation will definitely be forthcoming but certainly not immediately. In the next decade or so, the results of industrialization will show up.
The way CPI(M) is loosing popularity in rural WB, they might not be around to see how well Buddhadeb's good work and foresight have paid off. The benefits
may well be reaped by the overtly irritating and angry-with-everybody Mamata Banerjee.
And, nobody knows that better than Buddha himself. In spite of that he is persuing
his honest effort. Very few Politicians in India will do that. He could have just kept silent and agreed to do whatever would have please everybody. That would have been the best way to cling on to the power.

The Nandigram fiasco was triggered by the Singur incident. The
easiest and most politically correct way out for Buddha would have been
to give in to the demands of Mamata and her bunch of goons by asking
the Tatas to shift their factory elsewhere and virtually put a full-stop to the project.
No Singur would have meant no Nandigram. This way he could have retained the
rural base of his party. Everybody would have said that he has tried but
failed due to irresponsible opposition and no support from anybody.
Everything would have been hunky-dory for him. In fact, his predecessor precisely
had done exactly that for WB and managed to cling on to power for nearly three

But Buddha has chosen the hard way.

It's very disppointing and disheartening to see intellectual giants, stalwarts and
quite a number of other eminent personalities criticizing Buddha.

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