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Which type of Politician is Mamata Banerjee ?

In India, there are 2 types of people who join politics -

1. Ones who have their own set of principles and ideologies and who from the core of their heart want to do something good for their country and countrymen.

2. People who have realized they are basically good for nothing in all fields of work and have been failures in their lives. The only things they are good at are playing blame-game, mud-slinging and misleading uneducated/misguided people, causing distress to the common man and making benefits/profits out of these for themselves.

Unfortunately, more than 80% of Indian political leaders belong to the 2nd category.When they join a political party and don't get to fulfill their political ambitions, they either move to another party or form a new party of their own. Hence there are so many dals, senas, groups, morchas and parties all over India - most of whose the one and only intention is to stay in the news all the time by disrupting normal lives of common people, divide the country in terms of region language religion etc and do absolutely nothing fruitful for the nation.

Unfortunate but true.

Mamata Banerjee pretends to be a Type 1 but in reality she is a Type 2.
Only God knows when blind people will realize this.

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