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A spoilt brat's life : Upside Down

Not so long ago there was a very very rich man and there was the 10th of his 22 legitimate wives. She gave birth to the 17th of his at least 54 children, a boy.

He was only six years old when this mishap took place : his dad, the very very rich man , was killed when his company airplane, a Beechcraft flown by James Harrington, a pilot employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and who had the rank of colonel in the US Air Force, crashed during landing at Hamis Musayt, in southwest Saudi Arabia.

As time passed by the boy grew up to be nothing but just another arrogant spoilt brat of a very very rich father who used to go on vacations in European countries with his numerous siblings.
Not a bad idea, posing with the whole brigade with a Mercedes in front of a camera - Be it Colour or simply Black & White.

This fellow went to Oxford as well.

He seemed to be pretty happy and comfortable with the West. He had adopted the Western Lifestyle to perfection.

Then on one fine day, he met Halla Hulla Heeba Heeba Biyan Jiyan Saleh, the saint.

The deep international conspiracy behind his father's death, masterminded by the Yankees, which so far was kept a secret to him, got unveiled by the saint.

Our young man, from that moment on, decided to take on the Western World. After all, it was the Yankees who had a role to play in his beloved father's sad demise.

He grew up to be a man who orchestrated huge gloval events like THIS without even making any physical appearance on the spot, sitting in the caves of Afghanistan.

The whole world, including Google's definition of failure, has become wary of what he is and what he can do.

The life of the SPOILT YOUNG BRAT has turned upside down, thanks to his chance encounter with the Saint.

Indeed, a meeting can change a life.

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Turban Vanished !!!

Remember Reetinder Singh Sodhi?

In case you have forgotten him, here is his photograph, with Mohammad Kaif.

And, this is what he looks like now.

This is Reetinder Sodhi of 2002.

And this is Reetinder Sodhi of 2006.

Where did the turban go?

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Nice Ones


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This is just HILARIOUS !!!!

Caution : Link may contain material inappropriate for certain age-groups, although it's completely non-pornographic. Viewer discretion required.

Look in Here.

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Quote of the day !

In the whole of India we drive on the left of the road



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