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Happy New Year !!!

Is this bloody thing called Hinduism?

I don't know much about any religion, not even my own. I was born and brought up in a somewhat traditional yet moderately liberal Hindu family where everyone worships multiple Gods and Goddesses at least twice everyday by lighting agarbattis and diyas and offering flowers and sweets but no one looks down upon people belonging to another religion/caste.

I just came across something which I don't know is true or not, whether there is any evidence of this being true or not, because I never ever have read the Vedas or the Hindu-Shastras.

This is what I am talking about. If this dirty bloody thing about Hinduism or Hindutva is true, then what do the Shiv Sena, the Banjrang Dal, the VHP and the like make so much fuss about? What's the big deal about being a Hindu then? Instead, one belonging to a religion which allows such repulsive acts should actually feel ashamed.

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Weird Weird South...

Weird Weird South ...

Picture Courtesy ...

I have a friend whose name is Suchitra Pradhan.

She recently joined a new company in Bangalore.
On her first day in office she saw her name in the attendance register as Suchithra Pradhan. She at first thought it was just a typing error but when after two days she got her official email id as suchithra.pradhan@xxyyzz.com, she went to the HR(Hyeitch-aaar)people and complained. They denied making any mistake on their part and said it was Suchitra who had spelt her name wrong in the joining form and hence all this happened. Upon being asked to show her the form, they gave it to her. Looking at it she was horrified as she saw someone has added the extra 'h' in her name in the form itself with red ink, as if to do a spelling correction.
However, she showed this unique example of voluntary service to the HR people and was assured that it would be corrected immediately.
On the very next day, when Suchitra Pradhan went back to office, it was Suchitra Prabha N in the attendance register.
She ran again to the HR department and they once again assured her that it would be corrected. So it was. On the subsequent day it became Suchithra Prabha N.
Furious, she stormed into the HR-room and threw the attendance register on the table.
Finally her name appeared correctly in the attendance register after eight days.
I don't know if she has got a correct official email id yet.

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Bachna aye haseeno...Lo Mein aa gaya !!!

Arre Deewanon, Mujhe Pehchaano,
Kahan Se Aaya, Mein Hoon Kaun,
Main Hoon Kaun, Main Hoon Kaun,

Main hoon Main hoon Main hoon DON.

Don Don Don Don Don

Are Tumne Jo Dekha Hai,
Socha Hai, Samjha Hai, Jaana Hai

Woh Main Nahin.. Woh Main Nahin..

Logon Ki, Nazron Ne, Mujhko Yahan Jo Bhi Maana Hai,
Woh Main Nahin.. Woh Main Nahin..
Awaara Badal Ko Saudaayi Paagal Ko, Duniya Mein Samjha Hai Kaun,

Are Deewano Mujeh Pehechano, Zara Pehechano, Main Hoon Don..

Are Yaaron Ka, Jo Yaar Hoon, Yaari Mein Yeh Jaan Luta De Toh,
Main Hoon Wohi, Main Hoon Wohi..

Dushman Kaa Dushman
Hoon Woh,

Dushman Ke Chhakke Chhuda
De Jo,

Main Hoon Wohi, Main Hoon Wohi..

Tum Jaano, Na Jaano, Maine Toh Jaana Hai,

Mahefil Mein Kaisa Hai Kaun,

Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano, Zara Pehchano, Main Hoon DON..

Inspired by Arnab the Greatbong.

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