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Engliss ij a phunny language

Look at this image.

I don't know any of the people present in this photograph. Just happened to come across this snap in a public portal.

The girl (highlighted) has a message written on her T-shirt.

Look at the T-shirt closely.

Well, this is an old saying "NOT All GUYS ARE FOOLS. SOME STAY BACHELORS."
Here, in this girl's T-shirt only the word 'GUYS' has been replaced by 'GIRLS'.
Now, the girl looks pretty modern and smart and presumably has been to a good school. Then how could she possibly do this silly mistake? Can a girl ever be a 'bachelor'? The word 'bachelor' can be associated with a guy only. An unmarried girl is a 'spinster' or as Shreemoyee had said, a 'bachelorette'.

True, Engliss ij a phunny language.

Moral of the story : Girls are better off not to be imitating guys. It may sometimes produce embarrassing results.

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