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Welcome back !

When he was left out, we shouted "He deserved a much much much much much better farewell."
Almost a year later when he has been recalled, 'they' are shouting "He is the unlikely beneficiary of the present crisis."

Only time will tell who is right and who isn't. And, somehow my gut-feeling says 'they' are going to be utterly disappointed in near future.

I never liked Ganguly until he became a victim of politics and personal vendetta.
And I know there are thousands like me who feel the same way.

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The Great Australian Conspiracy : something we've miserably failed to see...

No, this is not going to be another post demanding Sourav Ganguly's comeback or protesting against his much spoken about exclusion from the Indian team.
Instead this is intended to serve as an eye-opener in way of exposing a great Australian Conspiracy against India.

Which one would you choose between 'A consistently winning team led by a non-performing captain' and 'A consistently losing
(getting thrashed, actually) team led by a performing captain'
Or, let me put it in this way, which one is better –‘Mark Taylor-led-Australia’ or ‘Andy Flower-led-Zimbabwe’?
Unless some scientifically acceptable psycho-analysis proves I am either mentally retarded or possess the same Intelligence Quotient as Dubya, I have no hesitation in concluding in a straight and simple manner that any sane person, on any given day would choose the former option.

Ganguly wasn’t scoring runs regularly (like Veeru isn’t these days) but he was making up for it by making everyone perform at their best. This was EFFECTIVE PEOPLE MANAGEMENT.
Dravid has completely failed at that. He has time and again proved he is no good at it.

Indian cricket, beyond doubt, has seen its best time (in terms of consistently performing well) under Ganguly's captaincy.

If there was one team in the period 2000-2005 the Aussies, the undisputed world champions feared, it was India. Yes, Sourav Chandidas Ganguly’s India.

Aussies needed to take some preventive measures as they could clearly see Men in Blue getting right where they were slowly but steadily.
If there was one man they wanted to knock down really badly, it was Sourav Ganguly.
They needed an Australian version of 007.

Then came the brave soul, the great son of mother Australia, Guru Greg , to the rescue of his motherland.
And the rest is history ... never there been so rapid a fall by one team in the history of international cricket.....one small example (the latest one) out of the numerous ones in the recent past.

The team that was beating almost everybody and threatening the Aussies' total dominance is now getting consistently and disgracefully (to be statistically exact, in 6 out of last 8 ODIs between them) demolished by a team which had all the test playing teams thrashing them until a few days ago. . .yes, it’s the West Indies. Remember how they were performing before we, the friendliest of all cricketing nations, helped them regain their long lost confidence and form?

Anyone, be it a team or a player, has always overcome a bad patch and regained supreme form against India - History proves it.

Guru Greg has already done his job. Whether or not he manages to keep his heavily paid coaching job after India ingloriously exits (which India anyways will unless some miracle happens) from the World Cup 2007 is yet to be seen . . . and it doesn’t really matter to him anyway because he has already delivered what he was sent here for. 007's mission Accomplished !

All we see is the Blue Billion rising , shouting, chanting ‘hooh haah India, Ya ha India’….only to get disgusted by the series of comedy of errors by the 'prized blue eleven’ on the field … again and again … again and again …

A conspiracy. A successfully executed subtle international conspiracy. Something which the ‘blue billion’ failed to notice.

PS: This has been one of the smartest initiatives taken by the Indian Cricket Administrators in a long long time.

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