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*** Heights of my idiocy

*** Well well well....what an idiot I am....tried to change my blog's URL and ended up creating a mess losing almost everything that was in my blog......somehow I managed to retrieve some data and have been able to republish them.....gotta be more careful from now on....

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* * * The not-so-great comeback.....

* * * The not-so-great comeback.....
I'm back....Thank GOD !!! Finally I have been able to make a comeback!!!!!!!!!

Well well well....it's been quite a while since I had last posted something on this blog. It was neither that I didn't have time nor that I didn't have anything to post but just that for some reason (and quite obvious ones, of course) the systems-security personnel of my company had blocked this website.Whenever I tried to get into this site I got a "YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS PAGE" message. Now, again, for some reasons (and not-so-obvious ones,let me tell you) they have unblocked it and I can access it again. HURRRRRRRAAAAAHHH !!!!!

Meanwhile, there have been quite a number of happenings in my personal and professional lives......some of them are worth-cherishing, some not-so-worth-cherishing.
But life's like that only, isn't it? Nothing comes for free......Everything is a part and parcel of life.

Everything started when I couldn't decide on what my next target should be in life and realized it was high time I got married. And since I hate procrastination I called up my parents and told them what was in my mind rightaway.....and trust me, I repented doing that within 24 hours as they took my words far too seriously.
Gosh !!! I keep getting at least 5 calls from wannabe in-laws everyday. I wonder if really that many girls are single why on earth we don't get to see a single single girl( read: good-looking girl) anywhere? No offence meant.

As far as handling calls from these people is concerned I had been asked by my parents to do the initial talking myself and then hand over the issue to them if I'm impressed. I've been doing exactly that for the past one month or so and no wonder so far they've rejected every girl I was impressed with.

Now, in the process, I suddenly discovered something very interesting.......... I didn't have a recent and decent single photograph of mine....and that's something those aspiring in-laws keep pestering me for. So, my next job was to get into a studio and to get myself shot. I did that,too. And,guess what ....... the expression of the photographer himself was
worth-taking-a-snap-of after seeing the outcome of the first close-up shot he took of me. Then,possibly visualizing what detrimental effect such a horrendous piece of photography can have on the reputaion of himself and his studio he kind of forced me into the make-up room to get my hair done and to apply something (I have no idea what it was) on my forehead in spite of my strong resistance .
Then a few more snaps were taken and it was my turn to give him a complimentary
worth-taking-a-snap-of kind of expression after I saw these pictures.
My GOD !!! Who the hell is that guy? Is that me? Can I look so good as well? Oh.....this photographer guy is a real magician. He has made really something out of some absolutely nothing stuff. I left the studio with a 32-all-out expression.

Suddenly I realized there was a problem.....a Problem with a capital "P".
Suppose.....just suppose if I send one of these photographs to the family of any of those girls and they like it, what would their reaction be when they see me in person? And, on top of that, what would my reaction be after seeing their reaction? My palms start sweating if I even imagine such a situation.

So far it was all about my side of the story.....there are a few interesting things on the other side also.

The father of a girl called me up from Orissa and asked if I was interested in meeting up with his daughter as she was also in Bangalore.
I said I had no problems if his daughter was interested.
He asked me to check out the girl's profile on a matrimonial portal. I did so.
And it said she was Fair, 5'4'', hazel-eyed, slim and round-faced.
On the very next day I got an sms from his daughter.I called her up from my office phone (no issues as long as local calls made from office are free-of-cost) and found her impressive, at least over the phone.
She said she was free on the coming sunday and we decided to meet up on Brigade Road at 12:00 o'clock for lunch. I asked her to come in front of BARISTA where I would be waiting wearing a grey T-shirt and faded jeans. Then I crossed the road and stood right opposite to the place I was supposed to be standing at. I called her again and she said she was on the way to BARISTA along the same pavement and wearing a red top and light blue jeans. And upon scanning the opposite pavement with my seasoned eyes the only woman I saw in a red top and a light blue jeans was
darker than me, not taller than 4'11'',wearing thick granny-like glasses, fatter than me and with an incredibly small but longish kind of face.

I didn't dare to cross the road.....got hold of the first auto-rickshaw I saw and got into it. I saw her holding the cell phone against her ear and trying to call somebody....and I could feel my cell phone vibrating inside my jeans' pocket.....WOOOOOOOHHHH !!!! What a close shave it was !!!!!

Now, why did I run away? Is being good-looking everything? Do I look for only outer beauty? These are the possible questions I'm going to get shot at me I know.
But the truth is I didn't run away because the girl wasn't good-looking.
What she and/or her parents did was they lied.
They gave me an absolutely wrong impression about how their daughter looked.
Okay, alright....I can understand that no parent can say things like "My daughter is ugly"....but then they shouldn't have lied also.....
Why did they have to put such misleading information on the matrimonial website? It's understandable if you can't face the bitter truth, the harsh reality but why do you have to lie for that? I hate lies. I hate liars.

There was one more incident, a bit funnier than the last one. A father called me up and gave me her daughter's number and asked for my parents' numbers. I took the number and gave him my parents' numbers because I liked talking to that gentleman. Later that evening he had called my parents and talked for a long time.
It was when I was just contemplating on whether I should call the girl or not that my roommate got a call from the same gentleman regarding the same issue. The aspiring father-in-law didn't know that we two were roommates and friends for the past 6 years and my roommate till date doesn't know that I got a call from that gentleman as well. He seems pretty much interested in this girl. And, for the time being, I've decided to remain silent and watch what happens......seems it would turn out to be really interesting....and hopefully funny as well.....

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* * * Some of the HEROes we have created over the years....
India has always had the reputation for creating Heroes over the years, especially in cricket. For example, Matthew Hayden wouldn't have become what he is today had the tour of India in 2000 not happened.
At this very point of time I remember a few names who for some period times were Heroes but have somehow got themselved lost somewhere.

1. Franklyn Rose:
He became kind of a terror when India toured the West Indies in 1997.

He almost single handedly demolished the Indian batting line-up in that tour several times. Haven't heard much of him after that although he was in the team for some time.

2. Philo Wallace :
This 'explosive' opening batter scattered Indian bowlers (Srinath, Prasad, Kumble) all over the Park in the mini world cup in Dhaka in 1998.

I still remember the six he hit off Srinath off the very first ball of the match.
After that never heard of him.

3.Ricardo Powell :
As a young kid in 1999 he made it look like quite a one-v/s-eleven thing at Singapore when by beating the shit out of all Indian bowlers he single-handedly took the otherwise weaker Windies team to a series victory.

He's been in and out of the team since then but never quite display even a flash of that kind of form.

4.Paul Jarvis :
This medium-pacer came to India with the England team in 1993. Although England lost the test series 3-0 and drew the ODI series 3-3, it was him who troubled the Indian batters most.He was the highest wicket-taker in the ODI series with 15 scalps leaving behind Srinath at 13.

Never heard of him ever since.

5.Simon Doull :
Bulldozed Indians quite a few times, especially in the late 90's.

We saw the flashes of his capabilities here and there a few times but he never really could hang on for too long in the international arena.

6.Younis Khan :
The latest addition to this list.Although he has been around for quite a while now, was never quite a match-winner. In this year's (2005)tour of India he has come up with the new mainstay in the Paki batting order with phenomenal success in the test series. Let's see where he goes from here...

7.Douglas Marillier:
This middle order batter of Zimbabwe has played only one match winning innings in his life and that was against India in India when they successfully chased 280-odd runs made by India at Faridabad.

8.Henry Olonga :
This guy was in the middle of a chucking controversy in the beginning of his career in the mid 90's. After getting his action and rythm right with tips from Dennis Lillee's MRF pace foundation camp at Chennai he made a comeback into the Zimbabwean team.With Sachin Tendulkar back in India because of the sudden demise of his father, Olonga single handedly demolished India in the league match in the '99 World Cup in England by taking 3 wickets in one over including the priceless one of Robin Singh's.
Zimbabwe won by 3 runs and this loss was the main reason behind our premature exit from the World Cup.

Who knows....had Robert Mugabe not been what he is may be we could see more of Olonga's brilliance.....He had to retire from cricket at the age of 26 in 2003 due to compelling political circumstances in his country. These days he is putting up in the UK and as far as I know earning his living by singing.

There are many more of these HEROes that India has had contribution in the making of. I'll keep adding to the list whenever I get time. :-)

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Hi people !!!

Hi people !!!
Like everybody else registered at this Blogging site I too joined in trying to make sure that I'm heard.

I would post things about me and also things I find interesting outside me & my world.........

Don't know about others but at least I myself will sometimes read my own posts when I have nothing else to do and nothing else to express in writing in this blog......... If anybody else reads my blog then it would be a bonus for me !!!

In a world where the use of internet among common people is reduced to :

1. Titillation and fun by means of porn movies, vulgar pictures, naked original and superimposed photographs of celebs (celebrities) like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Jordan,Kylie Minogue, Jenna Jameson, Sharone Stone, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie etc etc.

2. Flirting and virtual romancing by means of anonymous chatting in chat-rooms and indulging into something very very abstract and ridiculous called 'cyber sex'

3. Occasionally sending emails and may be at times photographs as attachment to near and dear ones who stay far away in some other part of the world to which making regular long-distance calls isn't feasible.

...the world of weblogs or blogs gives people like me the scope to voice our own opinions regarding any issue under the sky. It's like a world of democracy with absolute freedom of speech.

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