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Enough of Bucknor, Ponting and Monkey-business. Come back Team India !

Well, Ricky Ponting thinks one can't question his integrity in the game of cricket. Okay Mr Ponting, let's not question your integrity and assume that you are the most honest person that ever lived on earth. Therefore, you should 'call a spade a spade'. Shouldn't you?
Then what's wrong if at all someone has called a monkey a monkey?

Like it or not, BCCI has more influence in world cricket than ICC or any other cricket board. At least once they should use their wealth and influence for a right and just cause.
Continuing with the series down under if the ban imposed on Bhajji is lifted would be like conditional surrender on India's part.
They should immediately call team India back and until Steve Bucknor is banned for life or at least penalized, Aussie players apologize in writing and the Sydney test is declared as an unofficial match with all records and stats discarded, BCCI should never send team India to any cricketing event in which Australia is involved.
Once India stops participating in major tournaments,there would be a huge downfall in the revenue generated by Indian supporters,Indian-owned broadcasters and sponsors.
And I'm sure Aussies will be forced to be back on track.
Meanwhile NCA and ex-cricketers can concentrate on improvinng team India by organizing high-profile domestic championships forming teams like India A,B,C,D,E etc - no state or zonal team but each team having players from different parts of the country. This will help Indian cricket in the long run.
Also, Indian companies who sponsor Aussie cricketers should stop doing so.

Bilawal Bhutto - The poor young victim

Poor Bilawal Bhutto. I can feel for the kid.
He is yet to get over the shock of losing his mother.
And even before he has fully recovered from it, he is being dragged into the dirty, stinky field of politics, that too in the shitiest of all shitty countries in the world - Pakistan, the Global Headquarter of terrorism.
One of course might argue that he is nineteen years old, therefore is an adult and the decision of joining politics must be his own.
What the hell !!! Come on, he is just a kid. He is still in his teens. He should be wearing cargo, jeans, funky tees, going to the discs and pubs, listening to Avril Lavigne numbers and loitering around in Trafalgar Square hand in hand with his beautiful girlfriends.
Mr Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistani Politicians, rational-minded citizens of Pakistan (if any) and most importantly media, please please please spare the poor kid.
He has got a very bright future ahead. Keep him away from this crap. Let him enjoy his youth peacefully. He can't handle this. He is still too young and tender to survive in the messy and deadly world of Politics. This world will either kill him young or turn him into a monster from a nice young boy. Don't let that happen. Please.

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